Custom Development

Scott Medical Products produces a wide variety of specialty medical gas products used by hospitals and research laboratories. We also develop custom products for a variety of customers.

Scott has developed many innovative, highly specialized medical gas products marketed exclusively by medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical distributors. Scott has pioneered the development of these products in close cooperation with leading companies and supplies them on an exclusive contractual basis. These manufacturers and distributors are best in class and supply high quality products to their customers for their medical specialties. Scott Medical Products is the innovator of specialized medical gas products, with extensive resources in gas technology, innovative cylinder/valve packaging and Scott’s proprietary cylinder preparation and transfilling techniques. All products are manufactured to ensure quality, purity, and consistency in an FDA-registered medical environment. Examples of Scott’s custom development related to  unique medical gas products:

In the ophthalmic market, Scott manufacturers Ispan™ for distribution through both Alcon and Escalon. These gases, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and perfluoropropane (C3F8), are used as retinal tamponades in the ophthalmic procedure – pneumatic retinopexy. Scott pioneered the approval of these special medical gases that are listed as Class III medical devices by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Scott, Alcon and Escalon have partnered with some of the leading ophthalmic researchers to develop these cutting edge ophthalmic gases and gas delivery systems.

Scott’s team of specialty gas scientists, engineers and research and development technicians are available to assist in problem solving with your own unique specialty medical gas products. Whether your requirement calls for special medical device gases, cylinders, valves or gas handling systems, in volume for the development of a new product, or a single cylinder for a special application, the Scott Medical Products specialty gas experts stand ready to assist you as “the last word in accuracy and stability of medical gases.”